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Our Services and What We Do

Fitness Training

We offer the best group and individual fitness training for both individuals and corporates to achieve massive results

Zumba Classes

Dance Can help you achieve your fitness goals which was what we aim to help you achieve through our Zumba classes

Strength and Agility Training

Our Strength and Agility Training Modules are designed to help you massively improve your overall health and well being

Team Building

We do this to best help turn your group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team that delivers.



Weight Loss Management

Corporate Classes

About US

Kelly’s Fitness Center is a Fitness Coaching Company that is focused on helping you achieve massive results when it comes to your fitness and coaching goals.

Our foundation is built on one single premise which stems from the fact that every individual we coach has different goals in terms of the body they want and how they want to built their body.

We make sure that every plan, be it for corporate organizations and individuals is custom and specifically built for that individual/organization to create results that are both measurable and noticiable.

Tears will give you Sympathy but sweat will give you results

Who are our Clients


We offer Fitness Coaching for Individuals on one-one sessions. On booking we can come to your residential place or private gym.


We offer Fitness Coaching for Individuals on one-one sessions. On booking we can come to your residential place or private gym.

Corporate Organizations

For Corporates who want exclusive training and activities like Zumba. We offer that as well.

We have delivered impressive results for these clients and more

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Book A Session

Want to book a Training or Fitness Session with us. Use the form to your right to do that. 

Please fill in your details as accurately and as honestly as possible and a member of our bookings team will get right in touch with you to learn more about your booking and understad your needs. 

Please note that for all Corporate Bookings, we first have to do an assessment of your organization whereby we go through our routine and schedules. This often takes around 24 hours.

If you want to make a direct booking instead of waiting for email, you can use the contact details below.

  • +263773 001 883
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